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Thanks for taking the time to learn about my legal experiences and personal commitments. I hope after reading this I will earn your vote in the March 19, 2024 Democratic Primary for Circuit Court Judge of Cook County in the 18th Judicial Subcircuit. 

I have worked in and around the court system for over 40 years.  I have practiced law for over 30 years and have served as a judge for over 5 years. My first 25 years in the legal profession were spent in the public sector and then in private practice, spanning across both criminal and civil law domains, accumulating a wealth of legal knowledge and trial experience. Prior to receiving my law degree, I worked in courtrooms for the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County, while in high school and college, where I was inspired to become a trial attorney and someday a judge.

I began my legal career as a civil litigator for the Attorney General’s Office both defending and prosecuting matters on behalf of state agencies and the People of the State of Illinois. Pursuing my desire to be in a courtroom setting, I navigated the complex legal landscapes in both state and federal court, providing invaluable counsel on matters of public interest. I then achieved a long-held desire to serve as a criminal prosecutor with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office in the criminal division.  I prosecuted countless misdemeanors and felony matters involving violent crimes, narcotics and sex offense cases.  I tried numerous felony juries to verdict, including murder, with great success.  My tenure in the public sector instilled in me a profound understanding of the legal system’s inner workings, governmental processes and the importance of ensuring fairness and equity for all.     

After significant experience in the public sector for nearly ten years, I moved to the private sector as a trial attorney with the well-respected litigation firm, Johnson & Bell, Ltd. For more than 15 years, I employed my courtroom skills in representing various national and international corporations in litigation throughout the United States. My practice areas included the defense of designers, manufacturers and sellers in product liability claims, toxic tort litigation, commercial litigation, wrongful death claims, catastrophic injury claims, general negligence and premises liability and employment law. My private sector experience honed my skills in negotiating, meticulous preparation, legal writing and providing strategic legal advice tailored to the specific business environments of my clients. I was an equity shareholder, served on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Co-Chaired the firm’s Diversity Committee.

In 2018, the breadth and depth of my legal experience were acknowledged by my judicial colleagues when hundreds of Circuit Court judges voted and elected me to my current Associate Judge position in the Circuit Court of Cook County. It was an honor of a lifetime and an extremely humbling experience to be recognized and held in such esteem to be elected by my peers to be a judge.


Throughout these past 5+ years as a judge, I have been steadfast in my commitment to justice, fairness and upholding the rule of law. During my time on the bench, I have presided over thousands of civil and criminal cases, ensuring that each litigant receives an impartial hearing and equality under the law. My dedication to maintaining the highest ethical standards and unwavering commitment to the principles of justice have been the cornerstones of my judicial philosophy. My decisions are rooted in a thorough examination of the facts, application of the law, and a commitment to ensuring justice is served for all parties involved. With the creation of the new 18th Judicial Subcircuit in Cook County encompassing an area where I have lived my whole life, I am now reaching out to my neighbors, my friends and my community to seek your support in electing me as a full Circuit Court Judge. 


Over the past 30+ years, I have demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the law.  I have a strong work ethic, knowledge in many areas of law, and a passion for making a positive impact through the legal system.  I treat staff, attorneys, litigants and fellow judges alike with the utmost respect, civility, and courtesy. I have a well-known reputation as a hardworking, knowledgeable, fair, impartial, expedient, respectful, and courteous judge who always promotes civility in and out of the courtroom.


My commitment to the legal profession extends outside of the courtroom. I have served on numerous Boards of Directors of legal organizations aimed at fostering a better understanding of the legal system and advocating for positive change.  Beyond the courtroom and into my community, my commitment to service through civic and philanthropic involvement is unparallelled.  I sit on numerous Boards of Directors for volunteer/not-for-profit organizations fulfilling my belief in living a life of service. 


For over 20 years, I have lived in the area that is now within the newly created 18th Judicial Subcircuit.  I am happily married to my wife, Hellena, for almost 30 years and together we have three adult children, Constance, Jeffery and Christie, who are proudly following in their parents’ footsteps. 


My broad legal and personal experiences make me well suited to not only continue as a judge but as someone who I hope has earned your trust.  I respectfully seek your support and humbly ask that you cast a vote for me in the March 19, 2024 Democratic Primary for full Circuit Court Judge of Cook County in the 18th Judicial Subcircuit. 


Thank you for letting me introduce myself,




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