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Chicago Plumbers Union Local 130 Endorses Judge Jeff!

A huge thank you to the Chicago Plumbers Union Local 130 for endorsing Judge Jeff for Circuit Court Judge! The Chicago Journeymen Plumbers Local Union 130 UA, with over 6,100 members is one of the largest straight-line plumbing locals in the United Association (UA) which represents 350,000+ building tradesmen across the United States and Canada. The quality of their people, their great size and their loyalty to each other makes Local 130 UA a strong and respected voice in the construction piping industry and community. From the reversing of the Chicago River and the Deep Tunnel project both improving water quality for all, to the construction of the entire Chicago skyline, Local 130 has played a vital role in supplying key skills required to create and maintain our fantastic city and surrounding suburbs. We are so honored to have your support in this election!

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