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Early Voting Starts TODAY!

Updated: Mar 5

Early Voting starts TODAY and continues until March 18th. Today is the day YOU can vote for JUDGE JEFF #161! Judge Jeff has proven experience with 30+ YEARS of total legal experience, making him the MOST EXPERIENCED candidate in this race. Demonstrated experience, integrity and fairness matter! Judge Jeff has been on the bench for nearly 6 YEARS, and is the ONLY candidate in this race to be rated “Highly Recommended” by the Bar Associations.

Experience matters, so punch #161 to elect Judge Jeff for Circuit Court!

Read a personal note from Judge Jeff himself:

Early voting started yesterday and I’m asking for your vote for Circuit Court Judge. I have 30+ years of demonstrated understanding and experience in the law. I have a strong work ethic, deep knowledge in criminal and civil law, and a passion for making a positive impact through the legal system. I believe in treating all individuals who appear before me fairly, with the utmost respect, civility, and courtesy. I have a reputation as a hardworking, knowledgeable, fair, impartial, expedient, respectful, and courteous judge who always promotes civility in and out of the courtroom. I would like the opportunity to continue serving the community as a Circuit Court Judge with your vote. Thank you and punch #161 to #ElectJudgeJeff!

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