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Illinois State Bar Association Finds Judge Jeff QUALIFIED for Circuit Court

The Illinois State Bar Association (ISBA) has found Judge Jeff Qualified to be Elected to the Circuit Court. The ISBA has said this regarding his 30+ years of legal and judicial experience:

“Hon. Jeffrey G. Chrones has been licensed since 1993. Prior to his selection as an Associate Judge in 2018, he was a partner at Johnson & Bell, where he focused on commercial litigation. He is currently assigned to the Second District (Skokie) where he presides over a variety of calls including misdemeanors, Domestic Violence, and civil matters. He has been in that assignment since November 2021, after first sitting in First Municipal. In 2018 he received an award from the Diversity Scholarship Foundation at its Judicial Recognition Reception. He is a director and Judge Night Chairman of the Hellenic Bar Association and is Secretary of the Themis Hellenic Judges Association. He also helped start a virtual help desk for small claims litigants with the North Suburban Bar Association.
Attorneys praised his knowledge of the law and his courtroom demeanor. He is considered fair, prepared, hard-working and respectful to all. ISBA finds Associate Judge Jeffery Chrones qualified to be elected to the Circuit Court of Cook County.”

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