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Thank You to Our Volunteers!

Our campaign wants to thank our volunteers, friends and family for the overwhelming support throughout the whole campaign process. We could not have done it without you!

Today especially we want to thank our tremendous volunteers who took time out of their day to collect signatures, go door to door, pass out palm cards, and stand for hours in the cold talking to voters about why Judge Jeff was the best candidate for the job.

We give a huge heartfelt thanks to Emily, Roger, Tommy, Demetri, Maria, Dean, Kati, John and many others for their help. We appreciate every one of you for all you have done!

The polls are closed. The results are in. The outcome is seemingly victorious for Judge Jeff. But, we are going to hold off on making any announcements until the results are officially decided. We will keep everyone updated as soon as we hear officially. Thank you all again!

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